Men in Kilts Leg Contest

At the Chicago Celtic Fest on Saturday, there was a Men in Kilts leg contest… Here’s my video


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An image

Fiber arts/textiles self portrait, 18"x24"

Fiber arts/textiles self portrait, 18"x24"

Voila. I put up a textiles piece I did this spring. 😀

The eyes and teeth are hand stitched with embroidery floss, the rest is sewn fabric.

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Video: First Impressions of Chicago

My video full of city shots, street scenes, creeping on passerbys, and Celtic Fest 09, amongst other things. Enjoy!

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A thought

In the past, men were the dominant artists. Major museums have more work by men than by women, women were the nudes, Guerrilla Girls speech, etc, etc… it’s been said and heard before.

I’ve been going to school for art for a while now– and there are DEFINITELY more chicks than dudes. By a lot. I think there are 3 guys out of 14 in my Research Studio… 6 out of 45 in my Core studio… Predominately women. I think this trend has been going on for a while now… More women than men in art school, practicing art, etc.

Why is it then that men still get the more attention as artists? Or is it equal? WHY is it equal if there are MORE WOMEN than men doing art? Why aren’t there more famous contemporary women artists than men?

I don’t know the answer.

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On Myself

My name is Lauren Wessel. I will begin this blog by telling you, the unlikely reader, that this blog is a school assignment for Culture and Community on the World Wide Web, a class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I am from several places, as of now. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. My parents were expats there for business reasons. I moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 1996, and I still “live” there. I also live in Chiaco, Illinois, where I go to school. So I belong three places, in my mind.

I have been an artist as long as I knew what one was. There was a time I wanted to be a veterinarian, or a singer, or any number of things; but I’ve always been an artist. SAIC was the only art school I applied to, it was the only place for me. In my opinion, most of the “top” art schools (i.e. MICA, SCAD, SAIC, Cooper Union, Parsons, RISD, SVA, etc) will probably deliver you the same education, or a similar one. I chose SAIC because I love Chicago– it’s the birthplace of my father and the home of my deceased grandfather (he designed the Bulls’ logo. Booya).

I have been at SAIC almost two weeks, and in classes one week. So far I can’t judge it– I like it… I’m not sure what to make of myself here. I haven’t done much artwork yet here, instead I have been photographing everything. Which IS artwork, but I haven’t done any serious photoshoots here yet.

I went to a magnet high school, duPont Manual, in the Visual Arts major. I have taken numerous art classes, and my favorites have been: AP Drawing Studio, AP 2D Design Studio, AP Art History, Printmaking I and II, Textiles I and II, and Photography I and II.

More later.

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