Human Artist

I have been asked many times what my passion is, and my answer is always art. I am then asked what kind of art, and I list off the many things I love in art, the things I am talented in, the things I do.

Oil painting, photography (both darkroom and digital), drawing, textiles and fiber arts, printmaking (etching/intaglio, monoprinting, silkscreen, collagraph), makeup art… and so on and so forth.

How can I like so many things? Why don’t I narrow it down, find one true passion?

Why should I? I find a way to express myself in all of these media, and I do not want to sacrifice my need for choices.

I am asked what do I paint? I paint feelings, human feelings, and human nature. I paint flesh and fabric and hair. I paint shadows and sorrows and glee. I paint what I see, and I see people everywhere.  I can paint with oils, or I can paint with fabric and draw with sewing thread. I can paint with the colors in my photographs, or I can paint with the chemicals in the darkroom.

A simple answer is than I am a painter.

More complicated— I am the color I paint onto my face, and onto my canvas. I am the girl that sits in front of my camera, and the girl that presses the shutter.

I am the hands and arms behind the paintbrush, and the face behind the masks.

I am a human being, an artist, a woman, a friend, and a breathing body.


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