For Wired: Comparing artists’ websites

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Sylvia Ji, Till Death

Sylvia Ji

As an artist, it is beneficial to have your website reflect your work, as they are constantly being used to sell you and your artwork. Sylvia Ji’s art website does just this: project her work into the world. The design incorporates her paintings into the border, as well as utilizes a lacy pattern that goes with her work well. The background of the site is subtle, a wood pattern .

It is also helpful for the site map to be clearly defined, that is, for the viewer to be able to navigate the site well. The links to the different parts of the website are well established, and as an added bonus, in an interesting font. Her work under the artwork tab is well organized by each series of work under a different numbered link, with thumbnails at the bottom of the page and a preview image shown when they are clicked. A larger image is given when the preview is clicked on as well, and opens in a new tab, which is nice.

One thing, I wish there was more work on the site. I want to see more!!!


Audrey Kawasaki, Drip

Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki’s website also well represents and correlates to her artwork. The background is also a wood texture, though not for a simple decorative embellishment as in Ji’s site. Kawasaki’s art pieces are all done on wood, with the wood still showing through the painting as a design element. It makes sense for her site to be in a wood theme and pattern to match her work.

The site is also well organized, with links to the different parts of the site listed at the bottom. The swirly decorations in the design of the site don’t distract from her work, rather, they compliment it. When you click on the page where her work is displayed, you find it is also organized in series by the year she did the work. On gripe is that there are no thumbnails of the images, so individual ones are hard to find unless you’re looking through the entire body of work. Large images of the work are also not provided, though a huge number of work is represented.


Both sites do  good job representing their artist’s work, and are well organized, which are strengths in my book. I didn’t realize both sites had wood grain backgrounds until now haha!!


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