Always getting inspired

Artists that have been inspiring me recently:

Jock Sturges

Sally Mann

Albert Watson

Audrey Kawasaki

Sylvia Ji

Steven Assael

Aranzazu Martinez

Alex Kanevsky


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There are less than three weeks left

Until Christmas Break.

Holler back, Kentucky.

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For Wired: Comparing artists’ websites


Sylvia Ji, Till Death

Sylvia Ji

As an artist, it is beneficial to have your website reflect your work, as they are constantly being used to sell you and your artwork. Sylvia Ji’s art website does just this: project her work into the world. The design incorporates her paintings into the border, as well as utilizes a lacy pattern that goes with her work well. The background of the site is subtle, a wood pattern .

It is also helpful for the site map to be clearly defined, that is, for the viewer to be able to navigate the site well. The links to the different parts of the website are well established, and as an added bonus, in an interesting font. Her work under the artwork tab is well organized by each series of work under a different numbered link, with thumbnails at the bottom of the page and a preview image shown when they are clicked. A larger image is given when the preview is clicked on as well, and opens in a new tab, which is nice.

One thing, I wish there was more work on the site. I want to see more!!!


Audrey Kawasaki, Drip

Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki’s website also well represents and correlates to her artwork. The background is also a wood texture, though not for a simple decorative embellishment as in Ji’s site. Kawasaki’s art pieces are all done on wood, with the wood still showing through the painting as a design element. It makes sense for her site to be in a wood theme and pattern to match her work.

The site is also well organized, with links to the different parts of the site listed at the bottom. The swirly decorations in the design of the site don’t distract from her work, rather, they compliment it. When you click on the page where her work is displayed, you find it is also organized in series by the year she did the work. On gripe is that there are no thumbnails of the images, so individual ones are hard to find unless you’re looking through the entire body of work. Large images of the work are also not provided, though a huge number of work is represented.


Both sites do  good job representing their artist’s work, and are well organized, which are strengths in my book. I didn’t realize both sites had wood grain backgrounds until now haha!!

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Recent Projects

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel

The Messenger

An oil painting I did recently in my Multi-level painting studio: The Dream.

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel

Three Graces

Study from Botticelli’s painting La Primavera for my Research Studio class. Watercolor, 18″x24″.

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel

(c) 2009 Lauren Wessel


Lace mask I made for my Core studio Space (3D) rotation. Made out of lace, boning, and tulle, hand sewn and machine sewn. The assignment was a confrontation themed sewing set.


(c) 2009 Lauren Wesssel

(c) 2009 Lauren Wesssel

More to come. 😀

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Artists I have been listening to lately:

The Dead WeatherHorehound

Jack White’s new project. You might hear their song “Hang You From the Heavens” on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries ads. Yuck. It’s a great album, though.

Imogen Heap – Ellipse

I have been a fan of her’s since Speak for Yourself, and have since enjoyed her early i Megaphone work. I’ve anticipated this album for a while, and it’s worth the wait. Unfortunately, some songs on the album sound “the same” as other songs on the album, from first listen.

The Good, The Bad, And The Queen – Self Titled

Damon Albarn’s (of Gorillaz and Blur fame) project. Sort of Gorillaz meets Kaiser Chiefs.

A Fine Frenzy – Bomb In A Birdcage

I bought her first album a few years ago, and even listened to Louisville’s NPR live lunch performance by her while getting my first tat. I would say this album is even better than One Cell in the Sea. My only gripe is the album cover! WTF? Stereotypical Myspace face/pose??? Can’t even see her pretty red hair. The first single, “Blow Away”, has a cute music video, though.

Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day

Beautiful album!! Folksy and fairy-tale-ish. :3

Matt & Kim – Grand

Great album to wake up to, especially the single “Daylight”. Fun, poppy, raw voiced, simple… I really enjoy this album. Only negative is the songs start to run together and sound the same. 😦

Also have been listening to the albums by the bands I saw at Perez Hilton Presents: Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, Semi Precious Weapons, and Ladyhawke.

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I can has website on SAIC server?

I has.

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Perez Hilton Presents:

So tonight, Alli and I took the Red Line to Addison and saw some bands play at Metro. She had submitted her and her roommate’s names to win tickets online at, but her roommate couldn’t go. So we went. 😀

The bands were, in this order, Sliimy (pronounced Slim-EE), Natalie Portman’ Shaved Head, Semi Precious Weapons, and Ladyhawke (who we missed, we left early, sadface).

The venue was excellent, it reminded me of Headliner’s Music Hall in Louisville. Before tonight, I hadn’t heard of the bands at all, but I ended up liking them a LOT. I’ve since listened to their albums, but I must say that they’re better live.


He played an acoustic set, with a very very adorable, bowler-hat wearing guitarist whom he flirted with throughout. He’s from France, and took a Polaroid of the audience after his set! So adorable.

IMO Sounds Like: Mika




Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head

This band sounded amazing live!!! The only negative was that their vocals couldn’t rise above the din of the instruments, so I couldn’t hear the words. They were very high energy, from Seattle, and each one of the band members–except the drummer– got a chance front and center singing.

IMO Sounds Like: Peaches (only a little), Mindless Self Indulgence, Button*Masher (Louisville local band), Peachcake




Semi Precious Weapons

At first glance, these guys look like Jeffree Star, Frank n Furter RHPS wannabes. However, my mind was changed after a few songs of blantantly sexual, ironic lyrics and energetic band members (the bassist was wearing a  Mexican poncho and kept doing ridiculous dances onstage, whilst the frontman practically had sex with the audience). They were excellent live, their recorded music doesn’t even give you a taste.

The lead singer at one point climbed the lighting frame, changed clothes onstage, asked the audience to flash him (one girl did), and then jumped into the crowd onto the girl who flashed him. From where I was standing (directly behind her), it looked like he kissed her. At the end, he kisses the cheeks of everyone in the front row.

IMO Sounds Like: The Medic Droid, Motley Crue, Rocky Horror Picture Show






We actually LEFT before seeing this lovely lady from New Zeland!

IMO Sounds Like: Goldfrapp, The Ting Tings

All images taken by me. Videos obviously from YouTube.

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